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  • How do I get technical support?

    The fastest way to get technical support is via email to [email protected].
    No technical support is provided by telephone.

  • Why only email or Forum technical support?

    We do not provide a telephone technical support service for several good reasons:

    1. E-mail is a much more efficient means of support – everything is in writing and available for reference. More importantly, in the case of e-mail, the message can easily be forwarded to exactly the person who needs to deal with it without having to transcribe the phone conversation.
    2. With telephone support you can spend much of your time waiting on hold to be told that you’ll be got back to. Your e-mail question will receive a reply promptly.
    3. We believe that the costs and complexity involved in providing you with a telephone support service are better put back into developing more functional and innovative products.

    Of course, we do have a contact phone number for accounts, sales and general information about our products and company, but we do not usually provide technical support on this number.

  • How to choose the best Buddy Microphone for your purposes

    Between desktop models:
    For GooseneckMic, DesktopMic, DesktopMini – position on desk, distance from mouth.

    • Does one sit close enough?  Will one lift up the microphone to use it (DesktopMini)
    • Is there space on the desk?  If not, might a microphone such as Buddy GooseneckMic or Buddy FlamingoMic be more easily mounted?
    • Sit normally in the position one is most likely to dictate.

    Measure from the mouth to the front edge of the desk/table.

    • If distance is >10″ then DesktopMic or GooseneckMic
    • If distance is > 15″ then GooseneckMic
    • If distance is > 20” then an extension of some sort is advised.  That is easiest to accomplish with the Buddy GooseneckMic 7G as a conventional audio cable can be used.
    • The USB interface is limited to 3 meters/10 feet

    Note that one can often make other adjustments such as lowering chairs.

    For the Buddy FlamingoMic 7G, measure from the USB port, not from the desktop edge.

    • distance should be  8″ to 10″
    • Packs much easier for travel