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Our mission at Superior Home Automation Corp. is to make energy safer and more affordable. But at times of unprecedented pandemic we diverted our R&D to more important tasks such as making more effective, reusable and washable masks. WahWahMask is our research at its finest.

With these reusable masks we are reducing the waste of disposable cloth or similar masks and making something that is much more pleasant to wear. We separated filter from the main mask to reduce the use of N95 type of material in much smaller disposable material.

WahWah Mask is usable for 30 day or longer depending on number of hours of use per day. The mask can be sterilized in a pot of boiling water or washing machine. After sterilization and a new filter, it is ready to use for same or different person.
We use food grade silicone, because it is non-allergenic, odor free, void of any toxins and recyclable. It will not chip, crack or crumble in any shape or form.

In short we are proud of what we have been able to create and do our part in this pandemic.